Content Marketing in Ireland: The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Last week, I did my first spot of guest blogging since I joined the Wolfgang Digital team. I wrote a post for on the opportunity which exists for businesses in the retail industry. I really enjoyed writing for somebody else’s audience and I would love to do some more of it.

Some might say I now have the guest blogging bug.

Anyways, I decided to take a look at a guest blogging-inspired infographics for this fortnight’s content marketing infographic post. I have also taken some inspiration from Rob’s PPC infographic post last week and decided to concentrate on one great infographic.

So here we go…

8 Ways to Boost Visibility and Viral on Guest Blogging: The Benefits of Guest Blogging

This is a great infographic by Inbound Visibility.

There are a number of questions you may ask yourself when approached to write a guest blog; why should I guest blog? What’s in it for me? Wouldn’t my time be better spent writing content for my own blog?

This infographic illustrates the benefits of guest blogging. Whether your aim is to reach a wider audience and driving traffic to your website, to get a high quality link back to your own blog for SEO, or simply building your community; the wide range of benefits really makes it worth your while. Just be sure the audience of the blog you’re writing for matches the audience you want to read your content.

Content Marketing Ireland Guest Blogging

We are always on the lookout for guest blogging opportunities, and are open to suggestions for guest bloggers on our blog.

Why not get in touch if you are interested in giving us a guest blogging opportunity on your site? If you would like to write for us, why not send us some ideas and we’ll see what we can do :)


  1. Thanks for this, really informative piece on treading the guest blogging waters!

    • No problem Siobhan! Glad you enjoyed it!


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