18 Things That Will Form The Future Of Content Marketing

Myself and Alan just attended a great talk by Content Marketing Specialist Lee Odden from Top Rank Online Marketing. I was typing like a maniac so I could publish a blog post super quickly especially for all those people who just couldn’t get to #CMWorld (you’re missing out by the way, it’s amazing!).

Lee gave some insight into the future of content marketing. Here is the lowdown….

future of content marketing

Myself, Lee & Alan

The future of content marketing

  1. Increase in author authority (yes that’s the Google Authorship we keep harping on about!)
  2. More structure data – cards, microdata (schema)
  3. Increase in brand publishers competing with traditional media (Amex OPEN, Adobe CMP, Tablespoon)
  4. Publishers selling marketing services and platforms
  5. Big increase in native ads and sponsored content
  6. Consumption devices: Google Glass, Gesture Interfaces, Internet Enabled Cars and Appliances
  7. Visual – consumers are 44%  more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media
  8. Viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video
  9. Adaptive – real time – being able to monitor what is going on and being able to react straight away.
  10. Human – humour – gateway to the American (and we think Irish) psyche! People prefer to share “funny” over important
  11. Collaborative – content which is created by lots of people rather than just one person
  12. Co-creation
  13. Curation – taking content from different sources…employees, customers, the whole web
  14. Mobile and App Utility
  15. Search and social integration.
  16. Converged media – paid, earned, owned and shared media working all together
  17. Customer content journey (think about the purchase funnel that we love so much
  18. Storytellying and media 360 (omni-channel – transmedia storytelling)
What do you think the future of content marketing is? Are you prepared for these future trends? Or do you think they are already in the here and now of content marketing?
  1. Thanks for sharing Siobhan & Alan. Also thanks to Sue Misukanis for suggesting the “goofy photo”. Classic :)

    • No problem Lee! Hope we did your talk justice in our blog post! I have just stuck in a link back to your website as a thank you :)

      Lovely meeting you – keep in touch!


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