Google Now Own >10% of Global Ad Spend!

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An Incredible Feat of Disruption

In 2013, the year of Google’s 15th birthday they will beat the 10% of advertising market share mark*. No not online advertising market share. You read right. Google now own >10% of all ad spend globally!

This is an incredible feat of disruption in an industry that was over 100 years old when Larry Page & Sergei Brin had their revolutionary idea to organise the world’s information.

The Beginnings

The Google founders are the exception to the rule in Silicon Valley. While Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison et al were college drop outs, founders Larry Page & Sergei Brin started Google as a PHD project with the objective of downloading the entire internet. The founders very quickly realised they couldn’t download the entire internet but they could send out bots to crawl the web and return to base and tell them what they have found. Google then view the “links” between website’s as “votes”, and use these “votes” to understand how authoritative each website is in their specific field. Delivering searchers the most relevant results in the fastest time has been the cornerstone of Google’s search success.

The Future Looks even brighter.

It’s no secret that 2013 is the year of mobile, with the release of 4G imminent, video on mobile is primed to explode. Google’s video property YouTube (already the world’s second largest search engine and social media platform) offers advertisers incredible demographic & interest based targeting options, and the advertiser only pays if a user actually elects to watch a video. This positions Google very strongly to take a sizable bite out of TV advertising budgets which account for 63% of ad spend globally.

If Google’s YouTube can convince TV advertisers YouTube is worth 15% of their TV spend they will double their already impressive Adwords Revenues and move beyond the $100 billion revenue mark.

I predict they will hit 20% advertising market share within 5 years.

Hats off folks!

*Global ad spend 2012 was $557 billion according to Nielsen. Google Rev was $50 billion. This gave them a 9% market share last year. Global ad spend is staying pretty steady this year, Google revenue was up 31% in Q1 2013.

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