Google Adwords: Innovations and Updates in 2014

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It has been another busy and exciting year for AdWords in 2014 with over 200 new feature launches. Below are some of the big ones;

Callout Extensions

Callout extensions are another line of text in between your description lines and your site links. They are not clickable but will allow you to give more information about your product or service in the ad such as free delivery or free returns.

Review Extensions

If your business has won an award or has received praise from a credible online source review extensions allow you to display this in your ad, when the quote or award title is clicked it takes you to a page where this information is displayed, not to your site.

Ads For Apps

Ads for apps allows advertisers to send users directly to a page where they can download their app. Once the app is installed ads can show which will send people to a page within the app if a relevant search is carried out.

Estimated Total Conversions

As more people use a combination of devices to make purchases online conversion tracking can be lost. Estimated total conversions gives us the number of estimated total conversions that took place across all devices which began with your ads.

PLA’s Changed To Shopping Campaigns

At the end of August PLA campaigns were automatically upgraded to Shopping campaigns if you had not done so already. Shopping Campaigns brought new features and an improved user interface to these campaigns.

Automated Bidding Tools

Automated Bidding Tools brings real time bidding to AdWords with a number of different bidding strategies available such as; target CPC, target ROAS and target outranking share depending on what your goals are.

Countdown Ads

Countdown ads allow  you to create a sense of urgency in your ads with a dynamic countdown timer which updates automatically to your set date. You can tell users how long is left until your sale ends or when your last Christmas delivery date is.

Google Plus Post Ads

Google plus post ads allow advertisers to promote their Google Plus posts across the Google display network. Users can interact with the posts right there on the display network.

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