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By Alan Coleman on 27 Mar 2015

Launched on February 17th, it’s been just over four weeks since Facebook introduced multi-product ads. As soon as we heard about this Facebook update, we couldn’t resist and on February 19th, just two days after the new ads launched, we start using it for first time. Before we talk results, let’s get a deeper understanding of this new Facebook ad option and the alternative uses the Wolfgang team has found!

What are Facebook Multi-Product Ads?

Multi-Product ads are a new kind of Facebook ad where you can show up to 5 products at a time in one ad. You can also include a “see more” image with your brand logo. This means that now you can advertise more products, services and promotions directly in a user’s News Feed without having to create multiple adverts. Essentially, you’re able to take users into six different landing pages within a single ad and track all that beautiful data separately in Google Analytics.  

6 Ways smart advertisers can use Facebook Multi-Product Ads

This new Facebook solution was designed to help businesses promote multiple products within one ad unit. However, we have found some other great uses for multi-product ads!  

1. Promote not just multiple products but multiple content

Is content marketing part of your digital marketing strategy plan? Now you can promote more than one blog post at once. Take those old blog posts, pimp them out and give them another try with multi-products ads.  

2. Share multiple testimonials from different people

The trust factor is playing a big role in influencing buying decisions. A study by BrightLocal in 2014 showed that "88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations”. So, why not display some testimonials or reviews instead of the product you are trying to promote?  

3. Multi-test

You might have different landing pages or pictures to try for upcoming campaigns. What if I told you that running a multi-product ad to test different variables is cheaper than doing it within an ad set? Pro tip!  

4. Build a Series

Create a custom audience to target people that have bought some items from a series of products. They will be more likely to buy product #2 or #3 if they have already bought #1 and you can promote the rest of the series of products in one ad. You can also promote different products or content depending of the level of expertise of your audience. For example, how to create a multi-product ad for “Beginners” “Intermediate” or “Advanced” users.  

5. Top 5 Lists + Remarketing

We all love lists! Promote all your top five selling products within one ad. To get better results, match your products with your buyer persona or create a custom audience of the people that have seen those products in your website but haven’t converted yet. You can even target the people that put those items in the cart but didn’t convert.  

6. Market research: Ask your audience

Create more engaging ads by involving your audience in the decision making process. You can easily ask your audience to click on the product they like the most, then share the results with them. Let them know that their opinion is important. You will not only know your audience better but you can then promote separately the product more likely to increase your ROI.  

Amazing results with Facebook Multi-Product ads!

At this point you might be thinking – "Okay, everything looks great but do multi-product ads really work? I want some numbers!" We have used multi-product ads for some clients. So, here are our results, broken down by industry.


We have run multi-product ads for an e-store. In just three weeks the site have received 18,000 clicks to website directly from these ads. We have noticed an increase in CTR on these ads.  Multi-Product ads reached a CTR of 6% which is considerably higher than what we were getting 2-3.5% CTR for the other ads. Please notice that we didn’t run single ads and multi-product ads at the same time but still the results are remarkable. Besides, we got a great Relevance score of 10/10! There were also high levels of engagement with users tagging friends in the comments.


Targeting the same audience within the same period of time and promoting the same products, we noticed a 37.71% reduction in CPC an increase of 16.18% in CTR. As a result of the lower CPC, we got almost 40% more traffic from the multi-product ads. In terms of leads, we got 62.5% more leads with multi-products ads.


In a different time period, we shared content via multi-product ads and the same content pieces individually for medical services companies. When these posts were shared as individual pieces, the average CPC was €0.09. They gained an average of 544 clicks. However, when these same pieces were promoted together in a multi-product ad, using similar audience targeting, we saw a CPC of €0.04 and 695 clicks. That's a reduction in CPC of 55% and an increase in clicks of 28%.  

Why you should be using Multi-Product Ads

As you could figure out from the blog post, CTR is higher and CPCs are lower, so therefore there are more clicks and more chances to get a conversion. Simple, isn’t it? Do you have any other creative way to use multi-product ads?  Let us know in the comments section!

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