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Sometimes people mistake a ping-pong table and free-beer-Friday for “culture”.

Although we do keep a frisbee by the coat stand and a bottle of tequila on top of the fridge, we see culture as something quite different.

Here are 3 of the philosophies underpinning Wolfgang Culture:

The internet revolution, the connected revolution, the big data revolution, whatever the history books will call this thing we are living at the epicenter of right now, one thing is for sure: It was arrived at via science. The people who build the search engines & social networks that are so ingrained and influential in our daily lives are scientists. Therefore the people who are most effective at leveraging, manipulating and scrutinising these online tools will do so scientifically. As the digital marketing scientists, Wolfgang Digital has infused the scientific method across all our digital marketing activities.

The Wolfgang Formula is our methodology for designing and optimising high-performance digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing is a complex and particularly fast-paced industry. In a recent 3 month period, Google introduced 23 New AdWords Innovations. That’s almost 2 per week! There is a first mover advantage to be won by being first to market with new innovations.

However, the first mover advantage then yields to the law of diminishing returns as the rest of the market catch up and the innovations become commonplace. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients 6-12 months ahead of the competition in the innovation stakes. This means learning, and learning fast is a critical success factor. 

We’ve nurtured a “Culture of Learning” via institutionalising regular upskilling activities, each member of the team spends at least 10 hours per month on upskilling activities. These activities range from workshops to prizes for moments of digital marketing brilliance.

Our commitment to learning doesn’t stop with us. A key part of our client communications strategy is education. In an industry suffering a serious dose of information overload, we do the heavy lifting for our clients. We digest the happenings in the digital world and distil them to “the need to knows” and communicate them via our blog, our monthly newsletter and our popular client events. You needn’t look any further to keep your digital education charging forward.

What is independent?

The advertising industry is a strange beast in that in though there are hundreds of thousands of agencies worldwide, the vast majority of the sizeable ones are owned by “the big 5” holding companies, who control the majority of the world’s ad spend. If you want to build a business to sell it, the advertising industry is a great place for you to do that.

As a staunchly independent (indie) agency, we are not owned, controlled or affiliated with any large advertising agency or holding company of any kind. We firmly believe we’re a far stronger digital marketing agency as result of being independent.

Why be independent?

As an indie digital agency, we enjoy being a little bit different. Our 2013 blog post “display ads are a crock of shit” ruffled a few industry feathers and set the phone hopping. In 2014 we became an international news story when we “came out of the closet” as owners of an online sex-toy shop.

Apart from being fun (and perhaps a little bit bold), being indie means we’re nimbler, being indie means we curate our own culture, being indie means we’re a digital marketing agency run by digital marketers, being indie means our campaign objectives are undiluted, being indie means that you can trust that we are where we are based on merit.

We’ve swatted away a number of acquisition attempts over the years and we’re fully committed to better digital marketing through remaining indie for decades to come.

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