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In today’s landscape, a robust CRM strategy is crucial. Our team’s focus on personalisation, automation, and integration allows us to maximize our impact with innovative campaigns that span the entire lifecycle, driving results.

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We unlock personalisation at scale by leveraging zero and first-party data that allows us to collect several data points and build our customer profiles. Our user-first strategy is blended with smart segmentation to cater to unique customer journeys and ultimately drive more revenue and sales.

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We map out and design automated workflow journeys, tailored for each business’ niche. Recognizing the looming obsolescence of third-party cookies, we anchor our strategies in automation to ensure long-term viability. Instead of focusing on short-term spikes in revenue and sales, we build the foundation that will help our clients convert and retain their audiences.

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Leveraging years of digital marketing experience in cross-channel marketing, we integrate our channels (CRM, Social, PPC, SEO, CRO) seamlessly to create omnichannel strategies for peak performance. In our strategies, CRM is positioned at the center of all marketing activities, providing us with data and insights to power campaign performance across all channels.

Get in touch with us and let’s build your CRM strategy together. Our CRM & Marketing Automation service includes:

  • ESP migrations
  • Account set up
  • 3rd party integrations & APIs
  • Template design
  • Automated workflows
  • Content calendars
  • Newsletters
  • SMS/Text campaign management
  • Email list management, growth & segmentation
  • Ongoing optimization & A/B testing
  • Account audits & strategy development
  • Consultancy

Based in Dublin but with a global reach, our award-winning team of experts have experience in managing the CRM campaigns of all major platforms, including Klaviyo, Hubspot, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Salesforce and others. We work with eCommerce, Lead Gen and B2B brands, tailoring our Email & Marketing Automation services to each client’s particular needs.

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We are proud Klaviyo partners, most recently awarded 3 trophies in the Klicks Klaviyo Awards in EMEA. Our work has been recognised globally and our campaigns have won some of the most prestigious international awards in the industry.

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