Wolfgang Digital Getting the most from Google Analytics

Getting the most from Google Analytics

Analytics Wolfgang University Module 

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€550 ex VAT per attendee. Minimum 5 attendees per session. 

This model will teach you the principles and requirements of insightful and reliable web analytics, before taking a deeper dive into Google Analytics and everything that it offers. You will understand how it can fit into your decision making process with its advantages and limitations. Finally, we help you create a basic measurement plan specific to your business before finishing with a real-life example of setting up a Google Analytics account for day-to-day use.

Who Should Attend This Course?
This course is for everyone who wants to understand what web analytics is, how it can be used and what are prerequisites we need to have to put a good tracking strategy in place. This course is also for marketing managers who want to be more proficient in interpreting data and gaining insights from Google Analytics as well as top-level managers who want to be more capable of assessing agency and in-house web analytics projects.

Course Contents:

  • What is Google Analytics really and what it is not
  • Understanding frequently misunderstood definitions
  • Digital marketing & measurement model
  • Navigation through Google Analytics
  • Interpreting data in Google Analytics
  • Practice: creation of the digital marketing & measurement model
  • Practice: create a filter
  • Practice: create a goal
  • Practice: create a dashboard

What You Will Learn:
You will learn to define all prerequisites for good web analytics, how to accurately interpret the data and when to react on certain changes. Once you understand the importance of a good measurement plan and capabilities of Google Analytics, you will learn about filter, goals and dashboards by doing.

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