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In 2007 Alan Coleman applied for a position in Google. He did not get the job but in going through the interview process he fell in love with Google Adwords. Alan believed then that

Google Adwords will become the world's most important advertising platform.

So he left his job and taught himself AdWords via online tutorials before setting up Wolfgang Digital on his kitchen table. Wolfgang has subsequently evolved from specialist search agency into an integrated performance agency with a simple mission: world-class digital marketing. By 2019 Wolfgang has been rewarded by its industry peers with 18 international awards including "Grand Prix" prizes at UK, European and World level as well as "Best Small PPC Agency" in Europe and later "Best Large Integrated Agency" in Europe. Wolfgang's battle cry has evolved from "Win on Google to Win Online" to "High-performance marketing occurs when multiple online channels sing together as one."

The Wolfgang Promise

The Wolfgang Promise



Great results are the starting point. We’re not happy with a campaign unless it is continuously improving. We’ve developed the "Wolfgang Formula", an optimisation process which we apply to all campaigns to ensure they get smarter as they mature

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Great digital marketers are nimble. We are relentlessly focused on being first-to-market and then smartest-in-market with new innovations. This means our clients enjoy extraordinary returns from first mover advantage.

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A common thread among our award winning campaigns is great bilateral communications. The client understood the performance and we understood the marketing circumstances. Everytime we communicated, the campaigns got more targeted and more effective.

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Wolfgang Digital is your unfair advantage.

Wolfgang Digital is your unfair advantage.

The digital marketing world is complex and fast moving. Knowledge is frequently the difference between success and failure


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