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The digital marketing landscape is changing drastically - third-party cookies are disappearing, and the GA4 transition is imminent. This upheaval raises a number of questions for B2B marketers in particular:

- How can you effectively track users in the future? 

- Are you ready to manage your PPC activity without cookie-dependent targeting and tracking?

- Do you have a plan for migrating to GA4?

- How will GA4 migration impact your existing conversion tracking and how should you design your contingency plan?

- Is your PPC strategy robust enough to handle the high CPCs in the B2B sphere?


To win new customers in this new era of digital marketing, you need to harness the power of first-party data and make data-driven decisions. But how can you do that?

Let Europe's Best Large PPC Agency 2023 show you the way.


Join us, for an illuminating webinar that will equip you to navigate the post-cookie digital marketing landscape.

We're hosting a free webinar on June 14th, at 12 pm IST, where our industry experts, Iulian Grecu, Associate Director of Tech & Analytics, and Jelle Evertsen, PPC Client Lead, will share insights on:

  • The evolution of performance marketing in the changing landscape
  • PPC optimisation strategies for driving new B2B customers
  • Introduction to GA4
  • Innovative offline and online tracking methods
  • A revealing case study on reducing the cost per SQL by a whopping 68% for a B2B client

Upgrade Your Marketing Strategy: Convert Challenges Into Opportunities

Don't miss this valuable opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to industry changes, and drive more impactful business decisions. Learn how to leverage advanced measurement solutions that make the most of your first-party data and find newer, better ways to track, target, and engage with your target customers.

Adapt, Evolve, and Thrive in the New Digital Marketing Era.

Set the course for your B2B marketing future. Join us to redefine your marketing strategy in the post-cookie era. Sign up for our webinar now!

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