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Google can be a key growth driver for any B2B business, but developing a strategy that recognises that only 5% of your audience are in-market is crucial. Ultimately, your SEO strategy should be your sales teams’ best friend; delivering SQLs at the right time that convert easily to customers. 

At Wolfgang Digital, we understand why B2B marketing is unique and we’ve developed an SEO strategy that acts as a sustainable engine for customer growth. Over the course of 40 minutes we’ll help you understand:

The role that Google should play for B2B sales and how to measure its impact

How recent Google algorithm updates give the B2B industry an advantage 

How to use SEO to steal your competitors’ customers 

The strategy behind several award winning case studies

In our upcoming webinar, Wolfgang Digital’s multi-Global Search Award winning SEO team will reveal the unique methods that have helped our B2B clients win big in the highly competitive organic search space.

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