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Social Media advertising is becoming more competitive than ever and as a result, the costs associated with these channels are on the rise. It’s now more important than ever to diversify your efforts and embrace new platforms that can assist in the fight against rising CPC’s …. And TikTok is that platform!

There’s no doubt that TikTok was once a Gen Z social-scroller, filled with Dance Videos & Trendy Challenges. However, since its introduction, TikTok has quickly developed into an exciting platform offering a unique opportunity for brands to tap into the new age of ‘discoverability.’ With 2M monthly active users in Ireland spending an average of 90 minutes per day online, are you ready to take advantage of the fastest growing social media platform?

Don’t miss out on this month’s webinar in collaboration with TikTok, on May 12 at 12 pm IST. We’ll take you through:

  1. How TikTok’s popularity in Ireland soars

  2. Why TikTok should be part of your social media advertising strategy in 2022

  3. How TikTok is amplifying our digital results for our client, SoSu Cosmetics

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