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The Irish e-commerce landscape was shaken up in 2016 with the launch of Google Shopping in Ireland.

Our Irish Online Economy report for 2016 shows online retailers who've adopted the new service generated double the percentage revenue growth in Q4 over those that didn’t.

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What's the big deal?

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about Google Shopping:

Digital marketers are jumping for joy all over the world because they can now show dynamic product ads in Google search results pages.

They look like this:



What can these ads do?

Attractive, engaging ad format

Google Shopping draws shoppers’ attention with the information and product images they are looking for.

More informed campaign audience

Shoppers see important information such as product price, image and retailer name before they click on your ad. People clicking your Google Shopping ads are more informed and are more likely to convert during their visit.  

Easy targeting

Google automatically selects the most relevant products to show when a shopper is searching - no need to manually create ads and keywords. 

Increased exposure

Shopping ads can show at the same time as a text ad, doubling a retailer’s exposure for a given search query without inflating costs. 150% more Shopping ads reaching mobile shoppers last year.

Tell me the numbers

So far, countries that have access to Google Shopping have seen:

   google shopping click through results   google shopping conversion results   google shopping traffic results


What are the next steps?

We've set up plenty of Google Shopping campaigns and know how to deliver a successful implementation. To grow the value of your e-commerce site and to get started with Google Shopping, get in touch with us.

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