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Google AdWords: Advanced Targeting - Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSAs)

Google AdWords: Advanced Targeting - Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSAs)

Client: Brown Thomas

Objective: Increase profitable traffic from high-volume "generic" search terms.

Insights: "The Generic Keyword Conundrum" is a digital marketing issue that describes those high search volume but low conversion rate keywords. This means there can be plenty of volume for seemingly relevant searches such as "moisturiser" but the cost per conversion is far in excess of what the sale is worth. Meaning ROI focused digital marketers don't target some very high volume and seemingly relevant keywords.

Our Approach: We used Google's Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSAs) to capture all the website traffic as an audience and then only target generic keyword searches if the searcher had previously visited the Brown Thomas website and the cosmetics product pages in particular. We hypothesised that if the person who searched "moisturiser" had recently visited the Brown Thomas they had already displayed purchase intent and therefore were more likely to buy than a generic searcher who had not recently been on the website.

Result: The implementation of RLSA’s for generic keywords resulted in a x15 improvement in conversion rate and a 96% reduction in cost per conversion. This approach has unlocked a whole new world of highly profitable generic keyword traffic for Brown Thomas.

Iteration: The cost per conversion from the RLSAs traffic was so strong that we wanted to ensure that any website visitor who conducts a relevant search on Google would see an ad for Brown Thomas. There is another advanced targeting method called Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), DSAs are keywordless campaigns in which Google essentiall crawls your website and ensures if anybody conducts a search relevant to a page on your website they see your ad. So we combined RLSAs with Dynamic Search Ads to further improve CPA and increase conversion volume. We are particularly proud of this innovation as when we informed Google about how effective it was they weren't aware you could combine the two innovations in such a manner.  

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