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Tapping Into A New Demographic With TikTok: +30% Revenue YoY


“Time after time, Wolfgang Digital has provided valuable insight and expertise to Intersport Elverys, that has directly and indirectly lead to substantial business growth. As a key partner of ours for many years, they continue to unearth new channels, audiences and opportunities.

From managing campaigns to bringing new possibilities to the fore, Wolfgang’s strategy still drives real growth, whilst maintaining strong ROAS levels. Their consistency, open communication and responsiveness, makes it seamless and a joy to work with.

Thanks folks for all your efforts!“

- Mark Newcombe, Customer Acquisition Manager.

Intersport Elverys


We’ve partnered with Elverys for over 5 years, driving growth with their core target audience aged 25-54.

But with rising inflation and changing consumer spending, there was a critical need to find new customers and digital revenue streams to drive YoY growth.

TikTok provided a huge opportunity for audience expansion, bringing Elverys to a younger demographic.




Revenue: +30%

E-Comm CVR: +8%

TikTok Followers: +178%


Like all retailers in Ireland, Elverys are faced with the ongoing impact of rising inflation and changing customer behaviour. With people spending less, we knew our digital strategy would have to find new customers and bring in new revenue in order to drive YoY growth.

Since Elverys was already at a mature stage with their customers aged 25 and over, we decided to tap into a new demographic. 

We noticed that although the revenue figure was low, users between the ages of 18-24 had the highest conversion rate in the first half of 2022. This was a key signal for us that we had a chance to nurture this new audience and unlock a new revenue opportunity.


Elverys’ social spend typically goes to Meta - where their primary target demographic is most active. However, to reach the 18-24 demographic, our strategy would need to look beyond Facebook and Instagram. 

Over the previous two years, TikTok grew exponentially and became a channel where people can engage with creators and discover new products. What we love most about TikTok is that almost 50% of its Irish user base is aged between 18-24. In addition to this;

We activated TikTok in June 2022 with a series of ‘Unboxing Ads’ to celebrate the launch of the new Irish Rugby Jersey. These ads featured Elverys’ Brand Ambassador, Irish Rugby star, Bundee Aki. We then monitored any fluctuations in revenue for the 18-24 demographic.


TikTok’s unique interface allowed us to target users in new and exciting ways including how users behave with creators, content and hashtags. 

We also monitored organic performance and incorporated this into our paid strategy. These paid campaigns used Spark Ads which allowed users to see existing engagement, ultimately helping to drive more Likes, Comments and Follows.


TikTok’s low CPMs allowed us to drive 26% more impressions in the 18-24 demographic with a 9% lower spend than on Meta. We also saw a direct correlation between TikTok Impressions and Brand Search Revenue indicating the power TikTok has in driving awareness among new audiences, who later convert through PPC.

The launch was a big success, resulting in a 30% YoY revenue increase from the 18-24 demographic. Additionally, we saw an 8% increase in conversion rate, proving the value of showing users relevant and engaging content native to TikTok.

This strategy took the 18-24 cohort from being low priority to delivering the largest YoY online revenue growth of all demographics. Since launching on TikTok, followers have grown by 178%, leading to Blue Tick Verification of the @intersportelverys account. This will continue to help to establish a bigger pool of users to nurture and retarget in 2023.

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TikTok Followers: Jul-Nov 2022 Vs Jul-Nov 2021

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Revenue: Jul-Nov 2022 Vs Jul-Nov 2021

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E-Comm CVR: Jul-Nov 2022 Vs Jul-Nov 2021