Wolfgang’s proprietary ‘SEO Scorecard’ benchmarked the Midleton Distillery Collection (MDC) against its competitors and revealed the need to focus on the ‘Relevance’ and ‘Experience’ pillars to grow the brand and eat into the traffic share of our closest organic competitors.



MDC has seven different brands under it. To maximise ROI, we identified and prioritised the most in-demand brands, starting with Jameson. Being mindful that AI is changing the way search engines read and understand content, we used a special process of semantic HTML optimisation on Jameson product ranges. This proved crucial. We saw an overall 257% increase in organic traffic to the site YOY and 51% of this came via the semantically optimised Jameson products. 



Cannibalisation, where multiple MDC pages were competing for the same keywords was perhaps the most damaging issue on the site that needed to be rectified. We optimised the canonical and noindex tags enabling search engines to better understand and distinguish between pages on the site to improve crawling and indexation.