What we knew: 

Our ad creative and offers were strong ✔️ 

We were hitting good CPCs and CTRs ✔️

Lead Volume was increasing Rapidly ✔️

Lead to Sale Volume Conversion Rate was suffering ❌ 

We were driving lead volume, but not from users who were the right fit and were ready to be sold to. We needed to develop a strategy that would filter out low intent users. 

What we did:

Traditional lead generation best practices will tell you to ‘make it as easy as possible for a user to become a lead’. Many of the social channels themselves exemplify this fact, allowing users to prefill their data, and actively encourage marketers to limit the steps needed to get a conversion quicker. While this benefits lead volume and cost per lead metrics, we were concerned about lead quality and conversion rates further down the funnel. So we decided to challenge the norm and go against the rulebook. We decided to make it MORE difficult to submit user data. We flipped the script and added ‘friction’ to our forms, implementing more steps and more barriers so that only the highest-intent users made it to submission stage.