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It’s widely accepted that there’s no better way to invest for the long-term than in SEO & Content. When travel demand crashed to a devastating zero in March 2020, as the dust settled, forward-looking marketers saw the opportunity to invest in SEO-Content. Maldron Hotels were one of few who did.

Over the course of the pandemic, the Maldron and Wolfgang teams worked tirelessly on customer-first, Content Relevancy projects across 22 Maldron hotels, designed to better target queries for each hotel’s primary target audience (e.g. Families vs Business travelers) and capture new high value long-tail queries, such as ‘hotels near [attraction]’.

By nature, SEO-Content can’t simply be ‘switched on’ and be effective when restrictions lift, so investing during the lockdown was the perfect time to create thoughtful, strategic SEO-Content that would be ready and waiting to serve search intent at exactly the right moment.