Organic Strategy:

Our testing of the TikTok algorithm revealed that content quality, keyword usage, hashtags, and profile authority significantly influence ranking, with the FYP (for-you-page) picking up content that’s relevant to a user’s interests.

Our Social and Search teams devised a strategy to leverage SEO tactics, hacking the TikTok algorithm to produce trustworthy video content. By aligning our SEO blog calendar with our 'SEOcial' strategy, we maximised keyword coverage and created an integrated user journey, enhancing organic visibility.

Paid Strategy: 

We promoted ‘SEOcial’ content across TikTok, Meta & Google Ads to drive bookings. Using machine learning campaigns fueled by BodySlims’ CRM data, we matched relevant content with high-propensity users who hadn’t even made a search yet… A data-driven Crystal Ball!