Our Story

In 2007 Alan Coleman discovered & fell in love with Google Adwords. He left his job and taught himself Adwords via online tutorials before setting up specialist Google AdWords Agency OnlineAdvertising.ie on his kitchen table.

Alan is an avid chess player & a fantasy football fanatic and he found the skill set he’d developed over the years playing these games was transferable to creating & managing excellent Google AdWords campaigns.

Based on this insight, Alan started recruiting & training people based on their Maths, Fantasy Football & Chess playing abilities (interviewees are often asked to recite their 13 times tables and discuss fantasy football selections for the coming weeks).

Alan Coleman/CEO/Yer man on the couch with the team

The team’s digital marketing skills are honed by spending 6 hours plus per week on R&D studying latest digital marketing innovations, strategies & trends.

This recruitment & upskilling strategy has reaped rewards. In 2011, we won the Gold medal for “Best Digital Marketing Agency” in the Digital Media Awards.

In 2012, we brought home Gold, Silver & Bronze in the Best Search Category and took home the Grand Prix Prize among others in the 2013 event. At the DMAs 2015, we took home three awards, including the coveted ‘Best Agency’.

In addition, the team are actually the only agency in Ireland to have a campaign published by Google as a “Google Success Story”, they now have 4 such “Google Success Stories”.

In early 2012 OnlineAdvertising.ie morphed into Wolfgang Digital. Wolfgang Digital has grown from 3 staff in 2012, to 20 in 2015. We’re recruiting & training talent on an ongoing basis.

The source of this growth is happy clients.

The Wolfgang Digital team firmly believe “there is no recession online” and take great satisfaction in enabling their clients to grow their sales by expertly tapping into the growing online markets for their products.


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