Facebook Advertising

In 2011 Social Networking overtook Porn as the world’s favorite internet activity.


Facebook is now the world’s most popular website and an unbelievable 1 in 4 internet pageviews is now a Facebook pageview!

So if you are a B2C business, your market is waiting for you here.


Facebook advertising is the best advertising available for advertising to people based on their personal information.

Facebook advertising offers advertisers an unbeatable opportunity to advertise to people based on details such as age, sex, location, marital status, interests & hobbies etc.

This makes facebook advertising a very powerful tool for generating “awareness” & “interest” among your target market & then developing an ongoing relationship with them.

Here are some sample Facebook “audiences”:
estimated reach
estimated reach 2
estimated reach 1
Estimated Reach 4
Estimated Reach 5
estimated reach 3


You might expect to pay a premium for such targeted advertising, however another benefit of Facebook advertising is it is super value for money. Facebook CPMs work out less than half price of other display advertising networks.

Our team of award-winning digital marketers are expert in creating & managing successful Facebook advertising campaigns. Through our bespoke optimisation process we can improve your Facebook returns over time.

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