Google AdWords Management

96% of Irish Internet Users are regular Google users.

Direct Response

If direct response is your goal Google AdWords is your best friend. In fact we’d argue that Google AdWords is the best form of advertising in the world right now!

What it does better than any other advertising media is it puts your ads in front of a very targeted audience at the critical time when they are seeking to buy or enquire.

The Consumer Purchase Process & Advertising Channels

Advertising Channels



Because Google AdWords is your most important online sales tool it is critical that it is managed effectively.

The average AdWords campaign we see is wasting upwards of 30% of it’s monthly budget unnecessarily.

AdWords is a complex platform and constantly changing. Having your Google AdWords account engineered & managed by experts is critical to your online sales success.

Our managed Google AdWords campaigns have picked up a number of industry awards & we are the only agency in Ireland to have AdWords campaigns published by Google themselves as a “Google Success Story”.

Tap into the rivers of potential customers ready to buy from you right now with one of our Google AdWords Management packages.

Our “Wolfgang Formula” is a scientific methodology for structuring & optimising Google AdWords campaigns for high performance & continuous improvement.


Set up/re-engineering fees are quoted on a case by case basis.

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We design & build you an AdWords account that meets ‘WF’ best practices and incorporates the latest Google AdWords innovations & features.
We continuously improve your performance by scientifically testing key campaign elements via ‘The Wolfgang Formula’ methodology.
Google releases new AdWords features & innovations at a frantic rate. A campaign which was ‘The Full Monty’ 6 months ago can be a dozen innovations behind right now! We will integrate relevant AdWords innovations as & when they appear, keeping your campaign at the bleeding edge.
in the first week of every month we will send you a performance digest which details campaign performance & trends in a quick to read & easy to understand report.
Your ads will show in a highly targeted manner on Google search.
A fantastic digital marketing strategy and a great converter. We will follow your websites traffic around the internet displaying targeted ads for your website, giving your audience (& competition) the impression you have a Proctor & Gamble sized ad spend. Ask about our enhanced remarketing strategies!
We will create dedicated mobile campaigns to support your AdWords activity. Tap into the exploding number of people who are browsing & buying via their mobile phones. Plus, benefit from less competition & considerably cheaper clicks on mobile.
This is the most exciting digital marketing innovation on 2012 and is set to revolutionise the advertising industry as a whole. Advertise to people who have been browsing website’s in your category in the last 2-4 weeks. We are seeing fantastic results from interest based advertising!
Speak to your audience at the right time. Reach people when they are reading/watching content relevant to your brand, products & services. This catches your audience at that critical moment when they are open to absorb your message & take action.
We develop you a custom high-performance network containing your most profitable websites. So you benefit from your own constantly evolving custom built network within the Google Display Network.
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