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By Mairead Walsh on 9 Jul 2024

On Friday 17th May 2024, we held our annual conference Wolfgang Essentials. Once again this year we were at the Google Foundry, where over 300 marketing professionals secured tickets through a lottery draw. Due to the venue's capacity and the overwhelming demand for tickets, not everyone who wanted to attend could, but we have now made all slides and sessions available to watch on demand. 

The day’s talks were carefully selected, drawing from our first-hand experience of current digital marketing strategies driving business growth and insights into future trends as the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve. 

Wolfgang Essentials 2024 Speakers and Organisers 

Conference sessions included the following:

Own Where You Work Ireland's First EOT

Wolfgang founder and CEO Alan Coleman chatted about Wolfgang's journey to becoming the first employee-owned company in Ireland and why he believes this move is good for Wolfgang’s employees, customers, and society at large.

Going Global: Unlock Your Next Phase of Growth

Wolfgang's Head of Growth, Beth Quigley, and International Business Lead, Kenia Gonzalez discussed business growth by going global offering valuable insights and practical advice on choosing the right markets for your brand and evaluating your company’s readiness.

The Age of SEOcial

SEO Client Lead, Caitlan Brownlow, and Social Client Lead, Mikie Flood, united to explain the importance of combining SEO and Social strategies. Through customer case studies, they illustrated the necessity of having a united content strategy across all search channels.

Customer Lifetime Value - The Marketing Multiplier

Wolfgang's MD, Brendan Almack, and Anna Spyridopoulou, Head of CRMMA, explored Customer Lifetime Value as a marketing multiplier and demonstrated how businesses can improve their marketing ROI by shifting from transactional approaches to customer value optimisation that instead fosters loyalty, fuels sustainable growth, and unlocks the power of the marketing multiplier effect.

Custom GPTs for Organic Visibility

SEO Content Specialist, Dan Kiely, and SEO Client Lead, Rajat Sabulal explored the evolution of search engines and how to stay ahead in the current digital landscape. They looked at the impact of Search Generative Experience (SGE) on search behaviour and discussed how businesses can improve performance and efficiencies by integrating AI and Custom GPTs.

Hacking the Algorithm

Jelle Evertsen, Judit Garroset de la Cruz, and Jack Jennings shared how they went from managing Google campaigns in 2015 to hacking the Google Algorithm in 2024. Using customer case studies, they took us on their journey of mastering the algorithm and how this has benefited their clients.

Winning the Attention Economy

Stephen Murphy, Senior Social Specialist, and Shreya Barua, CRM & Marketing Automation Specialist explored creative techniques for brand-building and crafting attention-grabbing ads that captivate audiences and how to turn that attention into value by shifting the focus from short-term conversion to preserving the customer's long-term value.

Feeding Success With The CSS

Emily Blackburn, Training Lead in our Paid Search team explored strategies to combat current CPC inflation due to the heightened competition from mega-corporations like Temu, Amazon, and eBay and discussed the many benefits of using Comparison Shopping Services (CSS).

Optimising for Customers, not Leads

Rob Beirne, Client Engagement Account Director, and Iulian Grecu, Analytics Lead came together to discuss optimising marketing for customers, not leads highlighting the importance of fostering a two-way data flow between marketing and sales. 

Unleashing the Power of YouTube for Demand Gen

Wolfgang’s Google Ads Specialist Chris Bury was joined by Google’s Marcelo (Chelo) Alberti, and Katie McGuinness to demonstrate the power of leveraging YouTube for demand generation, illustrating the strategic use of visual creatives and first-party data to drive customer acquisition.

This year’s conference provided attendees with valuable insights along with a practical roadmap for navigating the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape including actionable strategies to drive business growth. 

All slides and sessions are now available for replay for free via the following link. 

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