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In March 2024, Wolfgang Digital hosted a very special retail-focused deep-dive event for our valued clients - Wolfgang Retail Intelligence. Wolfgang Retail Intelligence brought brand new insights, informed by our team’s original research spanning over 200 million sessions and €500 million in revenue data from Google Analytics and ad platforms. This comprehensive analysis of last year’s performance formed the bedrock of an afternoon of talks, offering retail marketers and CMOs insight into effective strategies for enhancing online revenue, customer retention, leveraging AI and creative marketing strategies.

Retail Insights & Benchmarks from 2023

Dive into Maedhbh Kelly's insightful presentation on retail trends for 2023, where she unravels data-driven insights from a comprehensive analysis across Wolfgang Digital's retail client base. Discover how retailers outpaced overall market growth with a 7% rise in online revenue, delve into the channels fueling this growth, including PPC and Meta, and understand the impact of AI-driven ad solutions. This talk is a must-watch for retail professionals looking to leverage digital strategies for outstanding growth amidst evolving market dynamics.

Get Customers Spending More, More Often

Explore the pivotal role of customer retention in 2024's retail landscape. Brendan Almack sheds light on intensified competition in the industry with the entry of global brands into local markets and emphasises the cost-effectiveness of retaining existing customers over acquiring new ones. Brendan is joined by Michaela Simpson who explores practical ways in which retailers can foster customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime value through strategic use of CRM and email marketing.

Using your E-Commerce Brain to Fill the Funnel

What tactics for retargeting and acquisition will retailers have once the inevitiable phase out of third party cookies is completed? George Underwood, Klaviyo Senior Partner Manager for UK, Ireland & Nordics presents how a powerful CRM and Marketing Automation platform like Klaviyo allows retailers to use first party and zero party data to power paid channels like Google Ads and Meta even when third party cookies are gone.

How Retailers Can Optimise for AI

What does AI optimisation mean within retail marketing? Caitlan Brownlow explores the ongoing transition from keyword-based searches to conversational queries and why retailers must to adapt to these changes now if they want to remain present in the buyer journey of tomorrow. With practical insights into Google's AI developments and the indispensable role of structured data in aligning with AI's understanding of content, this presentation is essential for retailers aiming to navigate the shifting landscape of search optimisation.

Creative as a Performance Driver

Amidst dwindling attention spans, competitive markets and AI's growing influence, retailers can no longer overlook the power of creative strategy in social media for 2024. With 56% of a campaign's ROI stemming from quality ad creative, Cillian Connolly emphasises the importance of captivating content which embraces authenticity and diverse creative to stand out.

Retail in 2024: A Year of Peaks and Micro Peaks

Éithne Ní Choncubhair, Strategic Agency Manager at Google, delves into the retail landscape of 2024, focusing on peak and micropeak trends shaping consumer demand. Leveraging insights from Q4 2023, including the surge in 'next day delivery' searches and the impact of gifting, she provides a strategic outlook on optimising for various shopping peaks throughout the year.

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