In May 2023, Wolfgang Digital welcomed 300 lucky ballot winners into the Google Foundry for its annual digital marketing conference, Wolfgang Essentials. Demand for free tickets far outpaced venue capacity so we're delighted to be able to share all the action from the day with all of you who missed out.

After a 3 year forced hiatus, the energy in the room was electric! Talks on the day were curated based on our first hand experience of the digital marketing strategies and tactics that are driving business growth today AND what we anticipate will be crucial in the months and years ahead, particularly as the digital marketing landscape evolves.

So grab a cuppa, get comfy and enjoy 2.5 hours of the latest digital marketing insights direct from Europe's most awarded digital marketing agency.

The Butterfly Effect:The Power of Owning Your Data

Anna, Shreya and Stephen discuss the power of owning your own data and how to effectively integrate it across Social and Email to unleash its untapped potential in your marketing strategy. Want to discuss your Email Strategy with Anna and the team? Click here to complete your Email Maturity Assessment.

Short Form is the Norm

Roisin talks about the rise of short form video in digital advertising and explains 'the new rule book' when it comes to using video in your digital channels. Michelle and Chris, experts in Social and Google Ads respectively, reveal how following the new rule book is driving award winning campaigns for clients today.

ROAS is Killing Your Growth

An over emphasis on one of digital marketing's most beloved metrics, ROAS, is most likley stifling your business growth. Let MD Brendan Almack and Head of Growth, Beth Quigley take you through how you can get out of this growth trap by focusing on marketing effectiveness over marketing efficiency.

Digital Marketing Maturity

Maeve Larkin, Strategic Agency Manager at Google explores how the world of the consumer has changed and how businesses need to adapt and embrace data and technology, including AI, to bring value to the modern-day consumer.

Integration and World Domination

Mikie Flood and Jack Jennings lift the lid on the integrated campaign that doubled the size of Irish business, BodySlims in just 12 months as well as break into international markets. BodySlims is Wolfgang Digital's second most awarded client ever, so get ready to take notes on how you might integrate Social, Email, Content Marketing and PPC to transform your business.

I Don't Want to Miss AI Thing

When it comes to AI, Account Director Rob Beirne and SEO Specialist Rajat Sabulal recap the past, reveal some case studies of the present and take out their crystal ball to predict what the future will hold for AI and digital marketing.

TikTok Made Me Buy It

International Business Lead, Kenia Gonzalez and Social Media Executive, Cillian Connolly take you through their international award winning case study about how multi-channel sports retailer Intersport Elverys used TikTok to grow its brand and take over its long standing competitor.

Unleash the Power of GA4

Having GA4 installed and actually being ready for GA4 are two very different things! Client Lead, Jelle Evertsen and Tech and Analytics Lead Iulian Grecu explore what is great about GA4 and how it's going to make marketers better at their jobs.

How SEO Found Its Humanity

Head of SEO, Sean Markey and SEO Client Lead, Caitlan Brownlow recap how the SEO landscape has changed since 2019, the critical and still growing role of content marketing and the new role of tech and AI in a future focused SEO strategy.

Relax, It's PMax

PPC Team Lead, Emily Blackburn and PPC Specialist and Training Lead, Himani showcase how they've learned to get the best out of Performance Max campaigns and share the three key tenets of PMax performance that you should prioritise.

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