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By Kenia Gonzalez on 16 Jan 2018

We recently ran an experiment which tested the impact on consumer behaviour when they were shown ad copy led by either emotion or function. The results were fascinating. We discovered that one didn’t outperform the other but instead consumers reacted differently to each ad copy depending on their relationship with the advertising brand. Emotionally-led ad copy resonated best with existing customers while functional ad copy resonated best with new customers.

We wanted to push this test further by only showing new and existing customers functional and emotional ad copy respectively. Enter IF functions.

What are AdWords IF Functions?

Early in 2017, Google added IF functions to AdWords. IF functions are effectively a fork in the road for your ads. Simply put, if one condition is met, show ad copy A otherwise show the default ad copy. It becomes a lot clearer when you think about IF functions in the context of our test.

If a new customer is shown a search ad, we want them to see functional ad copy.

If an existing customer is shown a search ad, we want them to see emotional ad copy.

Now, based on our results back in October, we can tailor our ad copy towards customers depending on their type of relationship to a brand.

Results of Combining IF Functions, Customer Type and Focused Ad Copy

We were combining some powerful learnings that we’ve gathered over the past while into one test with IF functions:

Sentiment Learnings + Audiences + IF Functions

In combining several great innovations we hoped to see some impressive results and the test didn’t disappoint. Tesco had their best month in the past two years, results made possible with the sentiment experiment that we were running. The number of new customers acquired increased by 19% MoM and an incredible 339% YoY. The experiment also delivered an 11% increase in MoM repeat customers with a 594% increase YoY.  Here's how these ads looked:

The Wolfgang Essential Takeaway

Innovation doesn’t have a finish line. We took our first experiment and used the data to create a whole new experiment, both of which delivered significant uplifts in business. Advertising is about winning the moments that matter and the key to success here is having the right message appear in front of the right people. By combining the data with the science of sentiment analysis while remembering we are people, trying to connect with other people, we delivered seismic results for our client.

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