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By Brendan Almack on 4 Apr 2016

Google AdWords Scripts open up a world of possibilities to serve more relevant ads to your target audience at the right time. Here, Brendan discusses how one e-commerce retailer used scripts to offer guaranteed favourable exchange rates to customers shopping with them and ultimately driving business value and revenue.


Hi everyone, I'm Brendan, and today I'm going to talk to you about AdWords Scripts. I'm going to talk about a really specific example of where we've made a script work really hard for us within Google AdWords.

Using Scripts

So everyone knows that over the last few months, and particularly a few months ago, the sterling has been really strong against the euro. So this graph just demonstrates how strong the sterling has been over the last number of months. We've a lot of clients, particularly e-commerce clients, who trade in the Republic of Ireland but also trade in Northern Ireland and the UK. One client, in particular, was willing to offer a particularly favourable and guaranteed exchange rate and they wanted us to leverage that through our paid search account. So we thought the best way for us to do that was if we could show their guaranteed exchange rate against the actual exchange rate, so that meant that our ad needed to be dynamic. So we started out by wanting to set up a dynamic ad.

Pairing Scripts with Dynamic Ads

So the ad looked something like this. They had the name of the online store and this is the dynamic part of the ad. So this would change every single day. We were telling people who were searching what the actual exchange rate was, dynamically, and they were shown the actual exchange rate versus our client's guaranteed exchange rate. So this was a great way to give the user an incentive to purchase that day. So when we overlaid that dynamic ad with our Northern Irish campaigns, for example, we doubled the conversion because we'd done just that. We'd given the users an incentive to purchase.

So how did we do that? Well, we did it using AdWords Scripts. So AdWords Scripts exists within everyone's Google AdWords accounts. They allow you to set up a little Javascript, and we effectively set up a piece of Javascript to reference publicly available exchange rate information that would then populate our ads dynamically with the exchange rate of that day.

Scripts Driving Revenue

So we've often had a lot of fun with AdWords Scripts where we've connected them to weather data, and we changed our ads based on whether it was raining or based on whether it was sunny. We were trying to sell sunglasses, for example, and that was cool. We got a good lift and click-through rate, and we got a cheaper CPC. But, this is a great example of how you can use AdWords Scripts to drive real business value, i.e., revenue.

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