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By Sarah Moyles on 4 Aug 2017

At the recent Wolfgang Essentials digital marketing conference, I discussed our work with the Avoca Clinic and how we reacted mid-campaign to get even more exposure for our client. Below you can watch the talk in full from Google's Foundry, read a transcript of the talk and look through the slides on Content and PR - Bosom Buddies.

Content and PR - Bosom Buddies: Video

Content and PR - Bosom Buddies: Transcript

It's always a joy to see my face. Okay, so in the next four minutes, I'm going to talk to you all about content marketing, PR and boob jobs, because naturally, all three go hand in hand. 

The Avoca Clinic

In particular, I'm going to talk to you about our client, the Avoca Clinic and how in the midst of a content campaign we discovered that the content we were creating had a lot more potential than we initially thought.

Previously we sent out a survey to women who were past patients and had undergone breast surgery - be that orientation or reduction. In that survey, we asked them about their experiences pre and post-surgery and why they decided to have the surgery in the first place. When we got the answers back we were surprised. We were surprised because of how emotive the answers were. It was really, really clear that these women weren't keeping up with the Kardashians. They weren't following trends. The decision to have breast surgery was a huge one not taken lightly and it was after much thought and consideration. In fact, you can see the words but these women used to describe their bodies pre-surgery.

women's feelings about breast surgery


Words like masculine, insecure, flat, frumpy shy, like they weren't happy. 

Reacting Mid-strategy

We paused our original plan which was to use all of these survey results to create blog content. Instead, we realised okay we have a really unique insight here and this is really valuable especially to media. So, we repackaged all of that information into the form of a press release and we sent it out. What happened next? Well it worked thank God! We got clippings in The Herald as well as two feature articles in the Irish Independent. By just taking a step back and realising the value of the content. We were able to give our client a whole new level of publicity and exposure. We were delighted ourselves but then we thought okay how do we measure the success.

Measuring PR

We've seen that the PR industry had really been struggling with kind of its measurement metrics particularly an equivalent advertising value and newspaper reach rather. We wanted something that was a lot more measurable and a lot more quantifiable. This is where our metric was Wolfgang Equivalent Pageviews Metric comes into play. If we just look at the two Independent articles, we know both of those articles, when they were on the Irish Independent site, got sixty-two thousand pageviews between them. Okay, so sixty-two thousand pageviews - What does that mean and what does that mean for the Avoca clinic in particular?

Using the Wolfgang Equivalent Pageviews Metric

Well using our Wolfgang Equivalent Pageviews Metric that publicity and our PR venture translated into three months’ worth of total website pages for our client. So, we were delighted. On top of getting media mentions and clippings in some of Ireland's top media and creating a whole new metric from which to measure that success. We also still created all the amazing blog content that we had initially set out to. So, while a successful PR campaign like the one we just did, gives your brand a whole new world of exposure and gets your brand out there to a wider audience. Evergreen and personalised content like this really is valuable to a brand especially like the Avoca Clinic.

What I'm going to do now is go it's going to finish on though from digital marketer Jay Baer. Who says that as marketers and content marketers we should be creating content so interesting people will pay for it. Well, in Wolfgang we have a different slant on that.

create content so interesting people will pay for it

We want to create content that's so interesting journalists will publish it. This is something we really, really see the value in and we try to live by in everything we create in here at Wolfgang. And I hope it's something and I hope it's a philosophy that you can all agree with. 

So yeah, that’s me thank you.

Content and PR - Bosom Buddies: Slides

Wolfgang Essentials 2017 - Content & PR: Bosom Buddies from Wolfgang Digital
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