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By Alan Coleman on 7 May 2014

Google users can now search a website while still on the Google SERP via new Google AdWords extensions called form extensions.   What Does the AdWords Form Extension Do?

Google AdWords Form Extensions allow users to conduct a search on a websites while still on Google (a la our DAFT example above). As a cutting edge digital marketer you know that the more clicks between the user and their destination, the fewer the users who will get there. This nifty feature will deliver the user from Google directly to the "on site" search results in one click of their nimble fingers (a la our DAFT example below).

Who is it useful for?

This is particularly useful for large websites, those with lots of listings, lots of products, basically lots of content. If your website has a search function this will probably be useful for you. If your website has a search box on your homepage which gets a mighty chunk of action, form extensions are going to play a stormer for you. Once we got our paws on the beta we went straight to DAFT. They have over 150,000 listings which change from day to day. Talk about tailor-made.  

What's significant about this? 

Google is now taking more ownership of it's users journey from question to answer. In years gone by a list of an authoratative and relevant destination websites where your question could be answered was their goal. Google are now integrating with websites on a far deeper level in a quest to get the searcher closer to the answer quicker. We're excited to see what comes next.    

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