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By Alan Coleman on 17 Apr 2018

Two years ago, using Google Analytics as a hub for audiences, we figured out how to syphon social traffic tailored search, YouTube, GSP and display campaigns. About half the awards we've won since were built on these audience building tactics. Imagine if we could go from search to social...

Wolfgang Bites: Watch - How To Integrate Search And Social Audiences

Wolfgang Bites: Read - How To Integrate Search And Social Audiences

Al: We're going to demonstrate and tell you how to create campaigns that are personalized to a person with a message that changes as they move from platform to platform so you can reach them on Pinterest, then a new message on Facebook, new message on Google, something on Instagram. This is an innovation that's built on something we did two years ago. Two years ago using Google Analytics as a hub for audiences, we figured out how to take all our Facebook traffic, Twitter traffic and then create specific campaigns for those people on search, YouTube, GSPs, Google Display. This was really successful. About half the awards we've won in the last few years have been based on this tactic. 

We always had this question "So we figured out to go from social to search. It'd be amazing if we could do it the other way around and go from search to social." We had this magic Eureka moment in the office there just before Christmas where the innovation bubbled up about the social team and the search team at the same time, and we figured it out. So here to explain to you what can be done and how to do it, here's Roisin.

Roisin: At the end of last year we had this Eureka moment as Al said. We figured out a way to collect audiences, search audiences, in Facebook. I'm going to try and explain as simply as I can, but essentially when you're creating a search campaign you probably are using the Google URL builder, and this is where you're putting in keywords into your source, your medium, your campaign for example. If you take those keywords and put them into Facebook custom audiences. Facebook will build up that audience that you can use then for remarketing or for creating lookalikes from. So we weren't sure if this was going to work. We put our keywords from our paid search ads into Facebook, and we saw the audience building up and we were delighted because we realized this was going to work. 

That was our real Eureka moment when we figured out the way to collect audiences from search to social. 

Al: Magic. And one of our maxims here at Wolfgang Digital is finding success and then amplify it. So once you'd found this success, and you were getting great results, what questions did you ask yourself to try and build it out further? 

Roisin: Our next question was could we share audiences from social to social. Let's say from Pinterest to Facebook, or from Twitter to Facebook. Let's take Pinterest as the example. Pinterest is a really good search engine. Visual search engine. Imagine you're looking up recipes on Pinterest and you can collect the people who are clicking on your recipes on Pinterest for example, collect them as an audience, take the keywords like I showed you earlier on, and put them into Facebook custom audiences. Then you have a great way of targeting your Pinterest clickers in Facebook. And this is amazing for sequential advertising. So if you can start the journey at Pinterest, bring them to Facebook, bring them to Instagram, back to search, to YouTube, to Twitter. It's a great way of sequential advertising cross-platform. 

Al:  Wow. So this is ... this is beautiful and the other thing I'd like to ask you Roisin is when Google Analytics has our audience's that meant we could take traffic from other sources and re-market on other Google platforms. When Facebook is your audience's home where can you market to people. 

Roisin: Yes. So, Facebook is obviously Facebook's news feed but it's also Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook Messenger, and hopefully WhatsApp as well soon. 

Al: Deadly. So the big fear we had when we were doing this is like the audience is synonymous with that dirty word re-marketing. And we're like, "Oh. If we start interacting with people throughout our their internet experience like this, are we going to piss them off? Are we going to piss off internet users?" So there's two metrics we looked at to see if this was happening. Number one was social sentiment and that was actually up 10% post campaign. Now when we direct response marketer, social sentiment does [phonetic loovy 00:03:43]. But I'm interested in conversion. And the stat that made me fall off my chair was the conversion rate for people who'd been exposed to cross channel ads was nine times higher, nine times higher than those who hadn't. So that for me tells me that consumers love this and these are highly effective campaigns. So if you've any questions, or you've some thoughts, or maybe you've got some experience about using audience in an interesting way, we'd love to hear from you. Tweet us on #WolfgangBites and we're going to be on Twitter for the next couple of days waiting to talk to you. 


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