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By Alan Coleman on 7 Sep 2017

Update September 2018:

We’ve just launched our brand new E-Commerce KPI Report for 2019!

In it, you’ll learn:

  • Average e-commerce conversion rates broken down by industry and country
  • Conversion rates for social media engagers!
  • The real commercial value of a share
  • The strongest trend among high performing websites we've seen in 4 years of running the study!
  • Where travel & retail websites generate the most revenue
  • The single biggest failure of e-commerce websites right now
  • The fundamental marketing principle that’ll be the difference between a campaign that flops and a campaign that flourishes in 2019.

Read the 2019 study now.

Wolfgang 2017 E-commerce KPI Benchmarks Study

Welcome to the Wolfgang 2017 E-commerce KPI Benchmarks Study

As Featured In

MOZ - RTÉ - Newstalk - Silicon Republic

After many weeks of cleansing data, crunching numbers, distilling insights, constructing sentences and then double and triple checking copy, I’m delighted to bring you Wolfgang Digital’s 2017 E-Commerce Benchmark KPI Study. This is our gift to the global e-commerce industry. The objective of the study is to reveal the state of play in the industry over the last 12 months and ultimately to help digital marketers make better digital marketing decisions.

I hope you learn as much reading it as we learned putting it together. Inside the study you’ll learn:

  1. Tell how your business is performing online
  2. Understand which metrics drive success
  3. Inform your digital marketing strategy

This study is essential reading for e-commerce managers and digital marketers who want to shine a new light on their data, broadening their understanding through benchmarking.

Here are the Contents of the Report:

  1. Howrya: Introduction
  2. The Data
  3. TL;DR Version
  4. What Sources Generate Most Traffic?
  5. What Sources Generate Most Revenue?
  6. What Devices Are People Using To Browse And Buy?
  7. Does Site Speed Matter?
  8. What Are Average On-site Engagement Metrics?
  9. Typical Paths to Purchase
  10. Assisted Conversions
  11. Commercial Metrics: Average Order Values and Conversion Rates
  12. What High Performance E-Commerce Websites Do Differently
  13. The Million Euro Question

Download your copy of Wolfgang Digital's 2017 E-commerce KPI Benchmarks Study

For comparison purposes, you can also view the 2016 version of the report.

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